Refining Stones

In order to enhance the Harmony Options, both the Low Refining Stone and the High Refining Stone play essential roles. By employing either of these refining stones, individuals can unlock new avenues of power and fine-tuning

To procure the necessary refining stones, one must engage in conversation with the illustrious and exclusive figure known as Osbourne. This enigmatic individual holds the key to crafting these invaluable stones, possessing the knowledge and expertise required for their creation.

Osbourne can be encountered within the vicinity of Aida.

By seeking out Osbourne and engaging in dialogue, aspiring craftsmen and enthusiasts can unravel the secrets and intricacies involved in the art of refining stone production.

The nature of the exchange with Osbourne determines the outcome of the transaction, as he has the power to bestow upon you either a Low Refining Stone or a High Refining Stone, depending on what you offer him.

The outcomes of the exchange are further explained in the subsequent section, where you can delve deeper into the specifics and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence Osbourne's decision.

Low Refining Stone

By undergoing an upgrade process with a Low Refining Stone, the Harmony Option undergoes an advancement of one tier, resulting in an elevated level of power and effectiveness.

The success rate when upgrading Harmony Option with a Low Refining Stone is 50% (VIP +10%).

You can acquire Low Refining Stone by dismantling non excellent armor or weapons.

In the unfortunate event of a failed upgrade, the Harmony Option will be entirely removed.

High Refining Stone

Through the upgrading process with a High Refining Stone, the Harmony Option experiences an elevation of one tier, enhancing its overall potency.

The success rate when upgrading Harmony Option with a High Refining Stone is 70% (VIP +10%).

You can acquire High Refining Stone by dismantling excellent armor or weapons.

In the unfortunate event of a failure, the Harmony Option undergoes a decrease to its initial value.

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