Selupan is a highly powerful boss with immense health and defense, utilizing a wide range of skills such as poison, freeze, teleportation, knockback, and summoning guards.

Spider Eggs

After a while, Selupan will sum up to help spiders.

Place of Invasion

The passageway to the Hatchery is called the Hatchery Gate Portal, which is located in:

  • La Cleon (147,28)

A Global message will appear to all players when the Selupan is about to spawn.


You have the option to utilize the website schedule to check the remaining time before the next instance commences.

Please take into account that the invasion timer is based on the server time.



When a player successfully vanquishes a Selupan, they will receive a rewarding prize - 150 Wcoin P and one of Socket Box:

Spider Eggs

When a player kills a Spider Eggs, they will receive a rewarding prize - 10 Wcoin P.

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