Daily Rewards

In the adventure that is Mu Black, exciting treasures await those who faithfully embark on their heroic quests day after day. The allure of Daily Rewards beckons all players, promising an array of valuable goodies that vary with each passing day and month.

At the heart of this enticing system lies the promise of something special every day. Set your sights on exquisite jewels, mysterious item bags, and other precious artifacts that can be a true boon to your journey.

Consistent, Yet Ever-Changing

The Daily Rewards system is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Mu Black. While it offers consistent opportunities for bountiful gains, each day unveils a fresh surprise. With every sunrise comes a new chance to claim extraordinary riches. Furthermore, as the months roll by, expect even more exclusive rewards to be revealed, providing added motivation to be a loyal and persistent explorer.

Seize Your Daily Fortune

Claiming your Daily Rewards is as effortless as it is rewarding. All you need to do is log in and embark on your adventures. This simple act of logging in will granting you a chance to obtain your daily reward.

Within the Daily Reward Module, you'll be able to click on the reward for the current day and claim it without any hassle.

You can open the Daily Reward Module by clicking on the corresponding Especial Button situated at the topmost part of the screen.

The prizes will be changed and will not be permanently the same.

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