Combo System

What is a combo? A combo is a combination of skills dealt in a fashionable manner. If you connect a series of skills correctly, you will successfully perform a combo. When you deal a combo, you deal bonus damage.

Combo System for all Classes

All classes now can take advantage of the Combo Skill by following the below combinations of skills in the exact order mentioned:

It should be mentioned that all characters can do Combo skill with only two skills.

There is no need to do the Marlon quest to do the combo skill.

Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master
  • First skill: Cyclone

  • Second skill: Death Stab, Rageful Blow, Twisting Slash.

Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master
  • First skill: Ice, Flame, Lighting, Posion.

  • Second skill: Decay, Ice Storm, Cometfall, Aqua Beam, Inferno, Hellfire.

Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf
  • First skill: Tripple Shot.

  • Second skill: Ice Arow, Multi Shot, Penetration.

Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension Master
  • First skill: Ice, Fire Ball.

  • Second skill: Lighting Shok, Chain Lighting, Drain Life.

Magic Gladiator / Duel Master


  • First skill: Cyclone, Power Slash.

  • Second skill: Twisting Slash, Fire Slash.


  • First skill: Ice, Flame.

  • Second skill: Aqua Beam, Gigantig Storm, Inferno.

Dark Lord / Lord Emperor
  • Frist skill: Fire Burst.

  • Second skill: Fire Scream, Chaotic Desier, Electric Spike.

Rage Fighter / Fist Master
  • First skill: Killing Blow, Beast Uppercut, Phoenix Shot.

  • Second skill: Chain Drive, Dragon Roar, Dark Side, Dragon Slasher.

Set your skills to the corresponding letters & numbers.

You need to do is Hold the Ctrl Button + Point the mouse cursor on the skill/potion and Press the specific Number/Letter.

For example: Hold Ctrl + (mouse cursor pointed to Weapon Skill) then Press 1.

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