Jewel of Soul

The Jewel of Soul enhances the level of an item from +0 to +9, offering a substantial increase in its power and potential.

This versatile jewel can be utilized on equipment ranging from +0 to +9.

Further enhancements to +10, +11, +12, and +13 require the use of the Chaos Machine.

It can be applied to weapons, shields, armor, or wings, simply by selecting the jewel with the cursor and clicking it onto the desired item. Each application grants a one-level increase.

Upgrading an item with Jewel of Soul has a 60% (VIP +10%) chance of success.

However, if the item possesses the +Luck option, the probability of successful enhancement rises to 85% (VIP +10%).

Beware that if your Item's Level is already +7 or more a failed upgrade will cause your to go all the way down to Item Level of +0.

Alternatively, in the realm of Mu Black, the game administration has introduced the option to acquire the Jewel of Soul or Jewel of Soul Bundles by completing quests.

Jewel of Soul Bundles

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