Jewel of Harmony

The usage of Jewel of Harmony extends to imbuing items with unique and diverse special options. These options can vary significantly and provide distinct benefits to the equipped item.

The Jewel of Harmony is main ingredient in a chaos combination that grants Item Options , commonly referred to as pink options.

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The acquisition of the Jewel of Harmony is exclusively achievable through the process of crafting. Although the procedure itself is relatively straightforward, there are certain factors that necessitate careful consideration.

To commence the crafting process, you must first acquire a Gemstone.

To refine these raw Gemstones into the coveted Jewel of Harmony, the invaluable assistance of Elpis inside the Refinery Tower is needed.

Entrusting Elpis with the refining task ensures the successful transformation of the Gemstone into the potent Jewel of Harmony, allowing you to unlock its exceptional powers.

You can go to the Refinery Tower by using the Gateway Machine (141,186) in Kanturu Relics

Harmony Options


Harmony Options Upgrade

The Harmony Option has the potential for further enhancement through the utilization of either Low Refining Stones or High Refining Stones. These refining stones serve as catalysts for elevating the power and effectiveness of the Jewel of Harmony Option.

Whether you opt for the Low Refining Stones or the High Refining Stones, this upgrade process enables you to amplify the benefits and advantages conferred by the Jewel of Harmony Option, allowing for a more formidable presence in the realms of Mu Black.

Harmony Options Removal

When it comes to Excellent items, the sole individual capable of removing the Harmony Option affixed to them is none other than Jerridon. His expertise and assistance are indispensable in eliminating the Harmony Option from these remarkable items.

Jerridon can be encountered within the vicinity of Aida.

By seeking out Jerridon's aid, you can effectively remove the Harmony Option and potentially replace it with a more desirable alternative, further enhancing the overall potential and value of your Excellent items.

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