Jewel of Bless

Jewel of Bless enhances the level of an item from +0 to +6, providing a significant boost in its power and capabilities. This versatile jewel can be used on various equipment pieces such as weapons, shields, armor, or wings, allowing players to strengthen their arsenal to take on even greater challenges in the game.

It's important to note that the Jewel of Bless is effective only on items up to +6, as higher enhancements require the presence of a Jewel of Soul.

To apply this jewel, simply hover the cursor over it and confidently click it onto the desired item, witnessing the item's level increase by one with an impressive 100% success rate.

Embark on your journey to masterful item enhancement, and unleash the full potential of your equipment with the mighty Jewel of Bless.

Alternatively, in the realm of Mu Black, the game administration has introduced the option to acquire the Jewel of Bless or Jewel of Bless Bundles by completing quests.

Jewel of Bless Bundles

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