Forged by the ingenuity of the Kantru inhabitants, the most recent amalgamation of life forms stands as the ultimate manifestation of terror. The overwhelming might of Nightmare proved to be uncontrollable, leading to its captivity within Maya from its very inception. As the foundations of Kantru crumbled and Maya's grip weakened, an opportune moment emerged for Nightmare to resurface within the realm once more.

How to participate

When a player finds themselves within Kanturu Ruins or Kanturu Relics, a System Notice will emerge, heralding the imminent opening of the Refinery Tower.

The initiation time of the Kanturu Event varies according to the distinct status the server. If Nightmare remains undefeated, the Regular Schedule is in effect, shifting to the Opened Schedule upon Nightmare's defeat.

Regular Schedule

  • Occurs every 20 minutes

  • Within this timeframe, all individuals entering the Refinery Tower are obliged to confront Nightmare.

  • Entry Period 3 minute prior to the Event starts.

  • Entry Period closes one minute before the Event starts.

Opened Schedule:

  • Persists for a duration of 23 hours, commencing immediately following the demise of Nightmare.

  • Throughout this span, those entering the Refinery Tower are exempt from contending with Nightmare.

  • After the 23-hour interval elapses, the Regular Schedule resumes its activity.

The entrance - the Gateway Machine is located in the Kanturu Ruins (141, 186) and a player must possess the Moonstone Pendantto gain entry.

Gateway Machine

The Moonstone Pendant (actually equipped in the RING section) can be found in the Kanturu Relics by slaying monsters there (you cannot trade the item but can drop it).

Moonstone Pendant

Hands of Maya

Maya's Left Hand

Players are required to eliminate a total of 40 monsters as a prerequisite for Maya's Left Hand to emerge. Subsequently, participants must defeat this hand within a 15-minute window; failure to do so will result in the mandatory relocation of all players to Kanturu Safe Zone.

Whenever a player succumbs to defeat, their character is automatically transported to the aforementioned Safe Zone. Following the vanquishing of Maya's Left Hand, a 1-minute standby interval ensues.

Maya's Left Hand

If the battle's participants decrease to fewer than 15 players, newcomers can join to restore the maximum limit.

Maya's Right Hand

After the standby period concludes, an additional batch of 40 monsters materializes, necessitating their eradication before Maya's Right Hand makes its appearance. Similar to the initial scenario, players must defeat this hand within 15 minutes to avert relocation to Kanturu's Safe Zone.

Upon the demise of Maya's Right Hand, another 1-minute standby interval is observed.

Like before, if the player count dwindles below 15, new contenders can join to replenish the ranks.

Maya's Right Hand

Both Maya's Hands

Upon the termination of the standby period, 20 new monsters emerge, marking the simultaneous appearance and subsequent defeat of both of Maya's Hands.

Maya's Hands

Upon the triumphant overthrow of Maya, players are seamlessly transported to the second Event Map, where the formidable Nightmare awaits their confrontation


Within a 20-minute timeframe, players are tasked with eliminating Nightmare, who will summon waves of monsters thrice during the encounter and subsequently withdraw.


Refining Tower

The Refining Tower becomes accessible for a duration of 23 hours upon players' successful conquest of Nightmare, allowing entry without the need for a Moonstone Pendant.

This availability extends to any character present in the server.

Conversely, the Refining Tower remains inaccessible until Nightmare is vanquished. Its primary purpose entails refining Gemstones into Jewels of Harmony.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Engage in conversation with Elpis.

  2. Select the "Refine Gemstone" option.

  3. Insert the Gemstone into the apparatus and press "OK" to initiate the refining process.

  4. A successful combination yields a Jewel of Harmony, while an unsuccessful one results in the Gemstone's demise.

The percentage to get Jewel of harmony has a 60% (VIP +10%) chance of success.



Upon successfully killing a Maya's Left Hand, players they will receive a rewarding prize - 30 Wcoin P and Gemstone or Bundled Gemstone x10:

Bundled Gemstone x10

Upon successfully killing a Maya's Right Hand, players they will receive a rewarding prize - 30 Wcoin P and Gemstone or Bundled Gemstone x10:

Bundled Gemstone x10

Upon successfully killing a Nightmare, players they will receive a rewarding prize - 70 Wcoin P and Red Chocolate Box:

Red Chocolate Box

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