Guild System

Guilds hold significant significance in the gameplay of MU Online, serving as platforms for players to establish their own close-knit communities and provide mutual assistance.

These guilds are formed with various objectives in mind, whether it's bringing together friends or consolidating collective strengths. Essentially, guilds serve as a symbol of unity within the MU Online gameplay experience.

Guild members can write to the guild chat by placing the @ sign in front of the message text.

How to create a Guild

Creating a guild in MU Online is a straightforward process. To initiate the guild creation, players can visit the Guild Master NPC (Captain Lorence) and interact with him.

You can find the Guild Master NPC in Devias coordinates 214x44.

However, certain requirements need to be met:

  • The guild master must have a minimum level of 100.

  • The guild name should consist of at least 4 letters and should not include any symbols.

Guild's Mark

The Guild Mark, also referred to as the Guild Logo, serves as the visual representation of a guild. After expressing the intention to create a guild to Captain Lorence, the player is required to input the desired guild name and create a unique guild logo.

It is important to note that once the guild's name and logo are chosen, they cannot be modified or changed.

Guild's Position

Each community or group possesses its own distinct characteristics. In the realm of MU Online guilds, the Guild Master holds the authority to promote or demote members based on their perceived deserving positions.

To promote a guild member, the Guild Master simply needs to click on their name and locate the "Promote" button within the guild tab. Upon clicking, an option screen will appear, allowing the Guild Master to select the appropriate position, which could be one of the following:

  • Assistant Guild Master - this role can be assigned to 1 player.

  • Battle Master - this role can be assigned to 2 players in total.

Disbanding/Leaving Guild

Just as creating a guild is a straightforward process, leaving or disbanding a guild is equally simple.

To leave a guild, one can press the "G" key to open the guild interface and navigate to the "Guild" tab located in the left corner. From there, selecting the "Release" option at the bottom of the "Guild" tab will initiate the process of leaving the guild.

Similarly, to disband a guild, pressing the "G" key opens the guild interface, and selecting the "Guild" tab is the next step. At the bottom of the "Guild" tab, there is an option to choose "Dissolve," which will commence the process of dissolving the guild.

Guild Bank

We have a guild chest on our server, in which guild members can share things between guild members.

It should be mentioned that only Guild Master, Assistant Guild Master or Battle Master can access the guild bank

Guild's Alliance

Guild alliances allow you to form alliances with each other, and then it will be easier for the alliance to conquer the Castle Siege in the Valley of Loren.

Each guild can have from one to two allies.

The guild that agrees to the alliance must decide who will be the main guild in their alliance, as the sub-guilds will be considered subordinates of the main guild.

To determine the main guild for an alliance, both sub-guilds must request an alliance with the main guild.

Alliances play an important role in the gameplay of MU Online and help during guild wars.

The guildmaster of the main guild will be appointed lord of Castle Siege when the alliance captures it. Allied guilds become auxiliary guilds, which will allow you to more successfully defend the castle. Members of the alliance guilds can write to the alliance chat by placing @@ signs in front of the message text. Allied guilds will be shown in green.

Guild's Hostility

Guilds have the ability to declare hostility towards other guilds in Mu Black. Once this feature is enabled, all members of the opposing guild will be visually marked as flagged for PK (Player Killing), allowing attacks and kills on them without incurring any penalties. The names of hostile guilds will appear in red on your screen, similar to the appearance of outlaws.

Engaging and defeating members of hostile guilds will not result in you being flagged as an outlaw.

Guild's War

Guild Masters in Mu Black have the authority to initiate guild duels by using the command /war followed by the name of the target guild. Once the challenged guild accepts the duel, members from both guilds can engage in immediate combat against each other.

If your guild is challenged to a duel by another guild master, a notification screen will appear. If you prefer not to participate in the duel, you can reject the proposal by selecting "Cancel". It is possible to receive multiple guild duel challenges while playing the game. In such cases, you can block incoming requests by enabling the "Request Off" option. Enabling "Request Off" will block all trade, party play, and guild duel requests.

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