Mu Black boasts an incredibly versatile minimap feature, primarily designed to provide players with precise information about their character's location on the map.

Additionally, the minimap interface offers the functionality to initiate or halt the 3D Camera feature, adding further flexibility to the gameplay experience.

You can zoom out even further by using another functionality - press "F10" to activate, "F11" to reset the view.

Furthermore, the minimap offers additional interactive features, allowing you to zoom in and out for a closer or broader view, adjust the transparency level according to your preference, and relocate the minimap on your screen by clicking and dragging its corner to your desired position.

This grants you full control over the minimap's appearance and placement, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Full Screen Minimap

Pressing the "TAB" key will activate the Full Screen Minimap, which provides a comprehensive view of the map you are currently on.

Within this expanded view, you can easily locate your character's position and, more notably, observe all monster spawns present on the current map.

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