In-Game commands

In this article We will list all the available in-game commands in Mu Black.

Please explore the following table for details.


/post <message>

Post a global message to the server.

/addstr <value>

Add points in Strength.

/addagi <value>

Add points in Agility.

/addvit <value>

Add points in Vitality.

/addene <value>

Add points in Energy.

/addcmd <value>

Add points in Command.

/marry <player name>

Marry to a player

/war <guild name>

Challenge another guild to a Guild War.

/soccer <guild name>

Challenge another guild to a Battle Soccer.

/re on

Turn on all requests.

/re off

Turn off all requests.

/re auto

Automatically accepts all requests.

/setparty <password>

Create a party that can be joined with a password.

/joinparty <password>

Join a party which has a password.


Seize throne in King of Mu event

/lock <password>

Locks your items for trade/sale.

/unlock <password>

Unlocks your items for trade/sale.

/pack <type> <qty>

Bundles your jewels (Bless, Soul, Life etc.).

/unpack <type> <qty>

Unbundles your bundled jewels (Bless, Soul, Life etc.).


Open warehouse in safe zones


Join in an Event.


Join Events.


Clear player kills (available to VIP Players only). Cost - always 10kk Zen


Shows the necessary requisites for the current quest.


Start Fireworks


Clear inventory

You can also check this list of commands while playing through the Especial Menu.

When double-tapping "Ctrl" you will be able to attack other Character without hold it down.

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