In a distant era, Erohim perpetrated a heinous act of murder, taking the life of his own master, Bala. As punishment for this grievous transgression, he was condemned to eternal imprisonment in the Land of Trials.

Within this desolate realm, Erohim reigns, breathing life back into the fallen inhabitants. Driven by his insidious ambitions, he seeks to extend his undead dominion across the vast expanse of the MU continent.

Place of Invasion

The areas targeted by the Erohim is the following map:


Land of Trials

One of the advantages bestowed upon the victorious guild in the Castle Siege Event is the exclusive privilege of having a dedicated Erohim boss solely accessible to members of their guild.

Respawn time: 24 hours after being killed

Castle Deep Event

Erohim is set to emerge upon the conclusion of the Castle Deep event.

The event takes place in the Valley of Loren. You are required to eliminate the spawned creatures. Once all adversaries have been vanquished, Erohim will materialize.

You have the option to utilize the website schedule to check the remaining time before the next instance commences.

Please take into account that the invasion timer is based on the server time.


When a player successfully vanquishes a Erohim, they will receive a rewarding prize - 70 Wcoin P and one of Red Chocolate Box:

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