Jewel of Creation

Harnessing the mystic powers of the Jewel of Chaos, the Jewel of Creation finds its purpose within the Chaos Machine, where it plays a pivotal role in the creation of exquisite and rare Fruits. These fruits possess the extraordinary ability to elevate a character's stat by a magnitude of 0 to 4.

Moreover, the Jewel of Creation holds a revered position within the crafting rituals of the realm, acting as the catalyst for the creation of legendary artifacts and equipment coveted by the bravest warriors. Through the intricate knowledge passed down by seasoned artisans, the Jewel of Creation unlocks the secrets to summoning loyal companions such as the Crow and the Horse, destined to stand faithfully by the side of the enigmatic Dark Lord.

Within the realm of Mu Online, the Jewel of Creation and its intricate combinations hold the key to unlocking untold potential. By delving into the depths of the Chaos Machine and embracing the mysterious arts of crafting, adventurers are empowered to shape their destinies and carve a path towards greatness. Embrace the power of the Jewel of Creation, for it is through its alchemical properties that legends are born.

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Alternatively, in the realm of Mu Black, the game administration has introduced the option to acquire the Jewel of Creation or Jewel of Creation Bundles by completing quests.

Jewel of Creation Bundles

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