Within the enigmatic realm of Kalima 7, a domain shrouded in mystery, lie treasures yet unseen in the vast Continent of MU. Here, amidst the depths of Kalima 7, the formidable figure of Kundun patiently awaits the arrival of courageous adventurers like yourself, beckoning you to face him in an ultimate showdown of strength and skill.

Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the heart of Kalima 7, where untold treasures and a legendary battle against Kundun await those daring enough to venture forth.

Place of Invasion

The areas targeted by the Kundun is the following map:

  • Kalima 7

You can find the Kundun at the end of kalima 7.


The Balrog spawns once every 24 hours after being killed


When a player successfully vanquishes a Kundun, they will receive a rewarding prize - 30 Wcoin P and one of Ancient Box:

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