Exclusive Glow

The Exclusive Glow feature offers you the incredible opportunity to tailor your character's appearance to your heart's content. It empowers you to not only modify the colors but also the glow of your beloved items, including:

  • Armor Items

  • Weapons

  • Wings

This feature allows you to imbue your character's equipment with a unique and personalized touch, ensuring that your in-game avatar stands out like never before.

To open the Exclusive Glow Settings Menu, simply hit the "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Right Mouse Button" on the desired item.

Once in the Settings Menu you can start playing around with the values.

To Preview what the item looks like after applying the filter - hit the "Preview" Button. This allows for a preview before making the final purchase.

Once you configure your item as desired - you can hit the "Buy It" Button. This will save your item glow and it will be now visible as configured by everybody.

The Exclusive Glow costs 300 Wcoin C per item.

The Exclusive Glow is not permanent - you can easily remove it from the Exclusive Glow Settings window by hitting the "Remove" Button.

The Exclusive Glow is not show in Trade Window.

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