On the Mu Black server, the game economy is based on two main types of currency. Firstly, we have WCoin C, which can only be obtained through real-money purchases. Secondly, there's WCoin P, which can be acquired through various methods, including conversion from WCoin C and participating in in-game activities.


Wcoin C (Cash):

  • This currency is considered the primary driver of the server's economy and can be acquired exclusively through real-money purchases.

  • It is used to purchase VIP status.

Wcoin P (Premium):

  • It is the second primary currency on the server and can be obtained through several methods, including conversion from WCoin C and in-game activities.

  • It is used to purchase items and advantages within the game, as well as to participate in various events and activities.

Methods of obtaining Wcoin P:

  1. Conversion from Wcoin C:

    • Players can convert WCoin C into WCoin P at a specified rate (1-1), allowing them to turn their real-money investments into in-game currency.

  2. Completing quests and achievements:

    • Quests and achievements available in the game offer opportunities to earn WCoin P, rewarding players for their progress and efforts.

  3. Participating in events:

    • In-game events offer rewards in the form of WCoin P for participants, encouraging them to actively engage with the community.

  4. Defeating bosses:

    • Bosses in the game also offer rewards in WCoin P for players who challenge and defeat them, stimulating combat and teamwork.

  5. Other in-game activities:

    • There are various other methods of obtaining Wcoin P within the game, including exploring secret areas or participating in server-specific activities.

This currency and acquisition method structure provides players with multiple ways to develop their characters and interact with the economy and community on the Mu Black server.

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