Party search

We are thrilled to introduce the Search Party functionality, seamlessly integrated into the game client. With this groundbreaking feature, connecting with fellow adventurers has never been easier.

Gone are the days of searching tirelessly for like-minded players to join your quests. With the Search Party Module, you can swiftly assemble a team of brave warriors, cunning mages, or steadfast healers at the breeze of a few clicks.

You can access the Search Party Module through the Especial Menu.

The Search Party Module allows you to discover the most suitable party for your needs, providing you with precise details about its location and the number of players currently in the party.

Customizing Your Search Party

If you already have a party formed and wish to invite more members to join, you can effortlessly post your party within the system.

To do this, navigate to the Search Party Module and access the wrench button located in the top right corner of the module. From there, you can customize your preferences accordingly.

If you have a specific individual in mind, you have the option to add a password to the party. Alternatively, you can restrict invitations solely to Guild or Alliance members. Additionally, you retain control over the party's composition by specifying the maximum level and permitted classes for those seeking to join your group.

This way, you can ensure that your party is precisely tailored to your preferences and requirements, optimizing your collective strength for your upcoming adventures.

You can learn more about our party system by visiting the Party System article.

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