2nd Level Wings

In the vast realm of Mu Online, wings serve as exceptional assets that augment a character's abilities and lend a captivating aura to their appearance. As adventurers traverse the game's vast landscapes, they encounter opportunities to transcend their current prowess by embarking on the path of combining wings. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the process of combining 2nd Level Wings and unravel the untapped potential for even greater power that awaits those who dare to venture further.

Depending on the desired result you will either need to use Loch's Feather or Crest of Monarch - more on that later in the guide.


Before you can combine the Wings, you need to ensure that you have the necessary ingredients:

  • Loch's Feather or Crest of Monarch

  • 1st Level Wings upgraded to minimum level of +4 and minimum of +4 additional damage / +1% hp Recovery

  • Excellent item that has been upgraded to a minimum of +4 with an option of +4 or higher

  • Zen

The Chaos Machine

Once you have acquired the Jewel of Chaos and the required items, locate the Chaos Machine within the game world. You can find him in Noria.

Interact with the Chaos Goblin and follow the prompts to proceed with your combination.

The percentage of success depends on the ingredients you use for the mix, the higher the grade of the ingredient you use, the higher the percentage of success.


A successful combination will reward you with 2nd Level Wings. You will get Wings of Dragon, Wings of Soul, Wings of Spirits, Wings of Darkness, Wing of Despair, Cape of Fighter or the Cape of Lord depending on the used ingredients.

  • To receive the Cape of Lord and Cape of Fighter you must use Crest of Monarch in your combination.

  • To receive either of the other Wings you must use Loch's Feather.

It is worth mentioning that the type of 2nd Level Wings obtained is not dependent on the type of your initial 1st Level Wings.

These wings are also main ingredient in the Condor Feather Chaos Combination.

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