Jewel of Guardian

The Jewel of Guardian serves multiple purposes, acting as a crucial component in enhancing the fortification of the castle, crafting Life Stones of great significance, and unlocking the exclusive Item Options option with its unique abilities.

Item Options

The aforementioned Item Options, commonly referred to as pink options in the world of Mu Online, were originally restricted to 380 level items. However, considering the distinct setup of Mu Black, our team has made the decision to extend the availability of these valuable Item Options to encompass all items. This expansion grants players the opportunity to enhance their equipment with these coveted enhancements, irrespective of their item's level.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this procedure, We highly recommend delving into the informative and insightful Item Options article.

Upgrade Castle Defences

The Jewel of Guardian also plays a vital role in fortifying the defending guild's castle, granting them the power needed to withstand the impending attack.

If you seek further details regarding this crucial aspect, I highly recommend referring to the comprehensive information provided in the Castle Siege article.Within its contents, you will discover a wealth of knowledge and insights specifically pertaining to the utilization of the Jewel of Guardian for bolstering castle defenses during these critical moments.

Jewel of Guardian Bundles

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